Athletics: A last dose of Olympic fever is good for us

Jessica Ennis-Hill in action during the women's 100 metres. Pic: Adam Davy/PA Wire
Jessica Ennis-Hill in action during the women's 100 metres. Pic: Adam Davy/PA Wire
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The stadium was packed, the performances were top class and the weather, for all but an hour, was gorgeous.

It was almost as if time had stood still and we were back in 2012 having the time of our lives at the Olympic Games.

The Anniversary Games were never meant to copy last year but merely celebrate 12 months since the likes of Jess Ennis and Mo Farah went from being fairly famous to national treasures. And they did that to perfection.

As the football season looms over us it was good to get one last injection of Olympic fever to see us through the trials and tribulations of, for instance, whether an average player will or will not sign on loan for an average club.

God help us.

Here was sport in all its raw glory.

There was Usain Bolt showing he’s still the man to beat and maybe the man to save the 100 metres.

There was Farah proving again he’s the best in the world at what he does as he stormed to victory in the 3,000m. The ‘Mo-bot’ has to go though.

There were athletes laying their Olympic demons to bed as they either won or just had the pleasure of competing where they’d missed out last year.

Hurdler William Sharman spoke wonderfully of these being ‘his Olympics”.

And there was the evolution of sport as Queen Jess was beaten by young pretender Katarina Johnson-Thompson in the long jump.

As I said a year ago all good things comes to an end, but it’s good to stretch them out for a while yet.

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