1-2 for city runners in senior races

The runners battle on through poor conditions underfoot
The runners battle on through poor conditions underfoot
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Connor Milnes (Sheffield) continued his excellent form with victory in the senior boys race at the South Yorkshire Schools Cross Country Championships at Graves Park on Saturday.

He was challenged by his Sheffield team mate Jonathon Shields but eventually went clear to win by some 80 metres with the chasing group well behind.

In the senior girls race Anina Atkinson had a similar winning margin over her Sheffield team mate Charlotte Slack.

A top quality intermediate boys race was won by Rotherham’s Joe Massingham ahead of Sheffield duo Cameron Bell and Alfie Manthorpe and there was another Rotherham win in the junior boys race where Matthew Stevens got the better of Sheffield’s David Byrne.

The intermediate girls race also had a top class field with the consistent Sheffield runner Amelia Lancaster winning impressively from her team mates Emily Simpson and Mary McCarthy.

Rotherham pair Mya Taylor and Grace Harris fought out the junior girls race with Taylor going comfortably clear at the end.

The first eight were picked for South Yorkshire to run in the English Schools Championships next month except for the senior and intermediate girls where places were given to non-runners Eleanor Curran and Caitlin Tevendale.

Although they do not compete at English Schools level, there were also races for year seven students at Graves Park with victory going to Scott Nutter (Barnsley) and Jodie Hill (Sheffield).

Senior Boys: 1 C Milnes (Sheffield) 26:22; 2 J Shields (Sheff) 26:34; 3 J Walton (Sheff) 27:49; 4 C Wilson (Doncaster) 28:22; 5 S Peters (Sheff); 6 H Moore (Barnsley)

Intermediate Boys: 1 J Massingham (Rotherham) 21:58; 2 C Bell (Sheff) 22:16; 3 A Manthorpe (Sheff) 22:32; 4 K Smith (Roth) 22:39; 5 J Newman-Billington (22:51; 6 C Cass (Sheff) 23:11

Junior Boys: 1 M Stevens (Roth) 17:32; 2 D Byrne (Sheff) 17:41; 3 L Newell (Sheff) 18:13; 4 M Fuller (Sheff) 18:15; 5 O Bowater (Roth) 18:20; 6 J Stokes (Roth) 18:21

Year 7 Boys: 1 S Nutter (Barns) 9:20; 2 T Hill (Sheff) 9:26; 3 W Aitken (Doncaster) 10:06

Senior Girls: 1 A Atkinson (Sheff) 17:01; 2 C Slack (Sheff) 17:13; 3 E Crownshaw (Sheff) 17:43; 4 S Taylor (Sheff) 18:36; 5 C Trueman-Marsden (Sheff) 18:42; 6 C Dodds (Roth) 19:27

Intermediate Girls: 1 A Lancaster (Sheff) 16:18; 2 E Simpson (Sheff) 16:32; 3 M McCarthy (Sheff) 16:56; 4 M De Lara (Sheff) 17:18; 5 L Fletcher (Sheff) 17:53; 6 M Butterworth (Donc) 18:23

Junior Girls: 1 M Taylor (Roth) 13:43; 2 G Harris (Roth) 13:58; 3 A Garcia (Sheff) 14:13; 4 E McHale (Sheff) 14:18; 5 E Jackson (Roth) 14:25; 6 E Crownshaw (Sheff) 14:29

Year 7 Girls: 1 1 J Hill (Scheff) 10:29; 2 H Booker (Sheff) 11:11; 3 T Wilson (Sheff) 11:17.