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It’s barely a year since popular angler Andy Renton, from Stainforth, was given 24 hours to live.

Andy had collapsed and was on a life support machine after suffering septicaemia, pneumonia, a ruptured spleen, kidney failure and a cardiac arrest all in a matter of a few hours. Just to add to his already considerable woes he was then diagnosed with leukaemia.

Twelve months later he’s not only made a recovery that his doctors describe as miraculous, he’s back on the bank competing in matches. Just before Christmas he even won a match during the prestigious White Acres Festival in Cornwall.

Talking about the traumatic events he said:“I felt like I had a bit of cold and I passed out that night, then I woke up six days later in intensive care. One of my first thoughts was that I would miss my next winter league match! All my family were there because the hospital didn’t think I’d still be alive the next day. But I was and on January 1 I was moved to Sheffield to start chemo and I spent a total of four months in and out of hospital.

“Fishing kept me going. When I was well enough to look at my tackle again I cleaned it and tied some hooks, and the doctor said I looked visibly healthier. I was getting up in a morning because I had the motivation to do things. I just tried to get on with it because life goes on and the support from everybody has been unbelievable. Now I’m here for a good time rather than a long time!”

What many don’t realise is that there are more strings to Andy’s bow than match angling. He was also a member of the Don Valley Specialist Group and has an enviable list of specimen fish captures to his name including big perch, pike, barbel, roach, carp and would you believe a salmon from the New Junction Canal!

Welcome back Andy.