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The top three anglers in the latest Hammer and Pincers match AC match at Portland Waters, Canal Lake all recorded their best ever match weights.

It happened on a day when 26 anglers shared a staggering 2,145lb 6oz of carp.

The key bait used by all the leading contenders was dead maggots and it was the same at 14.5 metres which produced carp to 7lbs for winner Mark Wragg.

His nearest challengers, Neil Hall and Kev Goldenberg caught several double figure fish from the margins.

Result: 1. M Wragg 236-12; 2. N Hall 210-2; 3. K Goldenberg 186-0; 4. P Scriven 138-4; 5. P Irving 131-6; 6. W Loosemore 125-7.

Houghton Main AC, Lindholme Fisheries, Oasis Lake: Despite being allowed plenty of room to peg out this match a sudden change in overnight temperatures resulted in a downturn in weights.

That was a minor problem for Red Wellie champion Jamie Unsworth who turned up at the wrong venue and couldn’t understand why he was the only Houghton member sat in the cafe at Woodhouse Grange come draw time.

Fortunately the two venues aren’t too far apart.

Rob Burgin had a strange match, moaning that he hadn’t caught anything yet still managing to put enough on the scales for another win.

That wasn’t enough to prevent runner-up Paul Turner from securing the league title with two matches to spare.

Result: 1. R Burgin 57-12; 2. P Turner 57-3; 3. S Law 50-9; 4. A Fisher 37-0; 5. A Wilburn 36-12; 6. B Ogley 35-3.

Lord Nelson Angling Club, Lodge Farm Fisheries, Field Pond: This fishery is certainly in great form as the Nelson members returned an average of nearly 50lbs per angler.

Chris Cresswick was left to contemplate the value of midweek practice sessions , complaining that he wasted half the match attempting to catch on long pole up in the water.

When he eventually gave up and switched to the margins he netted a number of big carp to double figures.

Alas the time he wasted allowed Kev Parkes to storm ahead, catching on maggot in the margins at Peg 30.

Result: 1. K Parkes 154-1; 2. C Cresswick 119-0; 3. H Nicholson 117-6; 4. R Gibson 83-15.

Lord Nelson AC, Portland Waters, 4 Islands Lake: Howard Nicholson put together a terrific catch of chub and barbel, fishing maggot on the deck at 13 metres but it was a couple of bonus carp that secured his victory as he was pressed all the way by Andy Bates on a cracking venue where average weights were in excess of 40lb made up of mainly silver fish.

Result: 1. H Nicholson 91-4; 2. A Bates 89-12; 3. C Cresswick 79-3; 4. R Gibson 71-13.

Renishaw Miners Welfare AC, Messingham Grange, Kingfisher Lake: Catching carp from the margins late on to top up the 50lbs of crucians and skimmers caught on soft pellet with a top two did the trick for Mark Wragg.

Second placed Simon Foster went for bigger carp on meat at five metres and although he caught a much better stamp of fish he couldn’t quite catch enough to bridge the gap.

Result: 1. M Wragg 76-12; 2. S Foster 62-6; 3. D Williams 42-10; 4. G Dodsworth 39-4; 5. M Payling 38-14; 6. C Bacon 31-12.

Thurnscoe Coronation AC, Barnburgh Lakes, Bottom Lake: Young pup Sam Danforth showed the Coronation Club’s veterans how it’s done in their latest match.

Venue expert Alf Head was almost counting his winnings until Danforth, the very last man to weigh in, tipped 144lbs of small carp onto the sca les and crush his expectations.

Result: 1. S Danforth 144-0; 2 A Head 137-0; 3. P Bradley 124-0; 4. M Cunliffe 124-0; 5. A Barton 119-0.

Norton House Country Club, Lodge Farm Fisheries, Field Pond: Steve Alcock christened his new pole with a win and his first ever ton, taking carp on banded pellet at Peg 2.

Stuart Lucas nearly joined him in the ton-up club with ide to 3lb and a few carp fishing to the bottom of the near shelf with the popular ‘top 2 plus two’ and meat.

Result: 1. S Alcock 112-8; 2. S Lucas 96-13; 3. P Loomes 84-15; 4. D Bower 48-8; 5. P Slaw 38-8; 6. A Smith 33-6.

Fighting Cocks FC, Rawmarsh, Kiveton Hall Farm, Top Pond: Presenting meat to the edge of the reeds at Peg 1 produced carp to 9lb for John Edwards which he later topped up with a few bonus fish on the bomb.

The rest of the frame was taken up mainly by anglers drawn in the high 20s or low 30s.

Result: 1. J Edwards 68-14; 2. K Parker 43-14; 3. N Owen 29-0; 4. S Billups 28-2; 5. B Owen 25-3; 6. E Stephanovic 24-15.