SLIDESHOW - Retro: Clean sweep leaves us contemplating autumn

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Here we go, it’s autumn again.

As temperatures drop in Sheffield with the time honoured entrance of the third season of the year we take the opportunity to look back at some classic autumn pictures from The Star’s archive.

Autumn leaves - 1964

Autumn leaves - 1964

The picture of the two park keepers sweeping leaves in Weston Park tells a story all of its own and came with a piece of poetry and an explanation on the back of the print:

“Boughs are daily rifled,

By the gusty thieves,

And the book of nature,

Getteth short of leaves”

The caption went in to say:

“These words by Thomas Hood in The Seasons are brought to mind by this picture of gardeners in Sheffield’s Weston park clearing the first reminders of a fast-passing summer.”

Poetic stuff indeed but words that sum up the changing weather and feel of life at this time of year.

Taken almost exactly to the day 59 years ago they show men in later life who would have seen and done things that are now the stuff of history. They look to be men in the 60s or even 70s, men who might have been former steel workers or miners or lifelong corporation men who may seen action in two world wars, gone over the top in France in 1917, struggled through the lean inter-war years and even fought against the Nazis

By 1955 when this picture was taken they are sweeping leaves, puffing on their pipes and for all we know chatting over old times.

Do you recognise either of these two park keepers? Can you tell us their stories?

If so let us know.

Likewise with the schoolboy kicking his way through the fallen leaves on his way to or from school with a solitary car behind him - that’s the school run 1965-style.

Do you recognise the crest on his blazer?

Which school was he walking to or from?

The three lads taking a break from riding their bikes, far right, is an evocative print. Looking like 10 to 12-year-olds, these lads will be in their late 50s or early 60s now – recognise them?

Unfortunately The Star picture does not say where in Sheffield the shot was taken, only that it was snapped in September 1967.

Any ideas? Let us know.

The same applies to the young toddler kicking through the leaves with his, what looks like, West Highland Terrier for a companion.

The picture was taken in 1964 so the boy in the picture will be in his 50s now. Recognise him?

Let us know who he is.

The picture of the young man sweeping leaves in a checked sweater is from October 5, 1967.

It is said to be Parks Department apprentice Neil Ashmore as he sweeps up Chestnut leaves.

What is Neil doing these days?

He might be retired now or still working in the parks department?

If you recognise Neil or anyone else in the pictures published today let us know at or write to The Editor, The Star, 1 York Street, Sheffield S1 1PU.