RETRO: Two legendary Sheffield nightclubs that burned down

Bulldozer moves in on Gatecrashers
Bulldozer moves in on Gatecrashers

They were two of Sheffield’s premier nightspots, and both were ultimately closed after fires.

In the 1980s, Vicars on London Road was the place to be, and in the 1990s, you weren’t a Sheffielder if you didn’t go to Gatecrasher.

Gatecrasher is probably Sheffield’s most famous club. The venue, based on Matilda Street first opened in 1996, but was forced to shut its doors 11 years later after a blaze wrecked the premises and it couldn’t be saved. Gatecrasher was first called the Roper and Wreaks works when built in 1910 as an industrial steelworks.

In 1991, plans were submitted to turn the building into offices, which never came to fruition. Eventually, the building was converted into a nightclub and became home to Gatecrasher from 1996.

The nightclub was originally named The Republic, but it was changed to Gatecrasher in 2003 after a major refurbishment costing £1.5million.

Gatecrasher had had several homes in the city already, but it was the Matilda Street home which most remember well.

Gatecrasher didn’t last long, though. In 2007, a major fire broke out, believed to have started in the DJ box – although this was never confirmed.

Structural engineers attempted to save the building, but it was declared to be beyond repair, and it was demolished.

Such was the sadness among club goers that a single bunch of flowers was left on the fence, with a note that read ‘the music, the lights, the spirit of the people. We will always remember you’.

Decades previously, Tiffany’s, known as Vicars, had met the same ending.

One photo, taken in 1977, is labelled ‘Tiffany’s, London Road… Crowded with youngsters, aged 14 to 18 years old, at their own disco on a Monday night.”

The London Road club – now a Sainsbury’s Local store – became Vicars in the 1980s, but caught fire on February 19 1984.

As the photo shows, damage was caused to the electrical control room and part of the upstairs corridor bar, during the early hours of Sunday morning that week.

The nightclub has also been known as Locarno, Music Factory, Le Palais and Bed, before becoming the local Sainsbury’s that it is today.

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