Mr Jolly the postman harnesses up his pony

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Mr Jolly earned around around £1 15s 0d (£1.75) in 1910 as a postman in Mexborough.

The Mexborough & District Heritage Society’s An Everyday Story of Mexborough Folk Publication No. 1 (July, 1994) contains the following interesting information about Mr Jolly’s working day: “He would get up just after 6am and after breakfast he would go and harness up the pony to the van and drive down to Mexborough Station where he would collect the mail.

“He took it to the Oxford Road Post Office which was then near the old Mexborough Market.

“The mail was sorted and Mr Jolly would start his round which was not a small one by any means. As well as the local area, including Barnburgh and Adwick-on-Dearne, he used to have to drive all the way to Hickleton Hall and Bolton-upon-Dearne.”

Mr Jolly died, aged 59, just before World War II.

The town’s first post office was opened in Hirstgate, off Doncaster Road on October 29, 1857.