Cheesy tunes and cheeky pints at your top nightspot from past

Romeo and Juliets night cluib, Sheffield 1985
Romeo and Juliets night cluib, Sheffield 1985
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The Star’s social media sites have been sent on a nostalgic spin back to misspent youths at Sheffield’s old nightspots.

There has been some great debate on Facebook and Twitter about your favourite venues – and if you would like to join in then we would love to hear from you.

Pop group "Bad Boys Inc" at cairo Jax nightlcub, Sheffield, Dec 21, 1993

Pop group "Bad Boys Inc" at cairo Jax nightlcub, Sheffield, Dec 21, 1993

Here are some of our favourite comments so far – starting with Roxy, or Top Rank, depending on your age:

Lucy Birks: “This was the first nightclub I went in (under age). I also used to go in Uropa and Republic/Gatecrashe… some happy memories.”

Donna Eyre: “The favourite has got to be Roxy. I had some fantastic nights in there. Bring it back ... lol.”

Denise Faben: “They wouldn’t let me in even on my hen night lol.”

Paul Timmins: “I remember it better as The Top Rank. I used to frequent that place Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings (both sessions) in the 70s – a great place inside and quite big too. My highlight of going there was seeing AC/DC before they were well known, again in the ’70s! It was about the time of their High Voltage album.”

Dean Jessop: “I hate to admit this but I saw the ..... New Bay City Rollers with Ian Flower one New Years Eve. Sorry Ian!”

Kathryn Sykes: “Oh those were the days, Saturday mornings spent at Top Rank.”

Kim Stenton: “I had some great nights in Roxy’s and the Mulberry Tavern. I miss those days.”

Sharon Richardson: “It used to be Rebels and Roxy’s on a Monday night for rock night – on the occasional times I go out now it’s down to Corp.”

There are lots of others places that still bring back nostalgic, if a little hazy, memories.

Sarah Williams-Rooker: “ Roxy’s, Berlins, Uropa, Empire bar, Fountain bar, Millionaires, the Stonehouse, Pulse, Club WOW! and the one with the revolving dance floor – I think it was called Reef. The late ’90s to year 2000 were GOOD!”

Linda Holmes: “I went to Romeo’s and Juliet’s, then Cairo Jax as well as Black Swan back in the 80s.”

Carol Hibberd: My favourites were Crazy Daisy and Limit – I met my hubby there 1979!”

Louise Crofts: “The best were Palais, Occasions and Roxy for a cheesy club.”

Lee Oldale: “The Golden Ball… across to the Wig and Pen… down for a cheeky Stella in Dove and Rainbow…Blue bell next… Legends …Mulberry… the Roxy’s.”

Sue Hutchinson: “Every weekend I used to finish the night off in Merry England..underneath Black Swan ....loved it.”

Simon Gagg: “The best were Isabellas, Romeo’s and Juliet’s, Josephines, Max’s Downtown Bar, CJs… Oh and Crazy Daisy and Gossips.”

Philip King: “It has always gotta be the Leadmill for me.”

Steve Knight: “Dancing with the two girls from The Human League at Isabellas was definitely a highlight around 1983/4.”

Hayley: “I remember Romeo’s and Juliet’s! Walking from one room to another, the smell of perfume mixed with my Pernod and black.

“Awww, takes me back a few years! I was only 16 when I first went in there – naughty.”

Rochie: “Republic was by far the best club in Sheffield... I was so gutted when it burnt down.”