COLUMN: Wanted at the Proact – one builder who specialises in bridge repairs for a big restoration job

Chesterfield vs Doncaster Rovers - Proact Stadium - Pic By James Williamson
Chesterfield vs Doncaster Rovers - Proact Stadium - Pic By James Williamson
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Wanted at the Proact – one builder, must specialise in bridge repairs.

There’s a big restoration job at 1866 Sheffield Road if the reaction to the annual accounts, both inside and outside the stadium, is anything to go by.

Chris Turner wasn’t kidding when he wrote in Saturday’s programme that people would be ‘alarmed’ by the figures, headlined by a £42k profit despite £2m in transfer fees.

The alarm appears to centre around this question – what will the accounts look like next year if we don’t sell £2m worth of players?

The board must be just as alarmed at protest ideas being bandied around.

On one side of the burning bridges you have a section of the club’s fanbase, a vociferous and growing section.

On the other side, the club’s owner Dave Allen, who used his statement in the accounts to take aim at the Derbyshire Times and ‘one or two’ fans whose negativity is ‘pathetic’ in his eyes.

As the face of the DT’s coverage of his club, I can assure Mr Allen that we’re not the enemy.

We’re not his PR people either and must act as a record of the facts when it comes to all things Town.

But we are here to promote the club as one of Chesterfield’s most important institutions.

And if there’s anyone well placed to try to help bring club and fans together, it’s the local newspaper.

Our pages are here for Mr Allen to fill with his longterm plan and his hopes for the club, anytime he wishes.

Likewise, we’re an outlet for the opinion of the people.

Mr Allen owns the club that the fans love, and his club needs those fans.

That isn’t going to change any time soon, so any efforts to try bring the board and the fans together are surely worth a try, before the bridges lie in ruins.

Perhaps the rise in discontent and the fall in attendances that has baffled Mr Allen is due to the perfect storm of what fans perceive as financial failing and poor on-field form.

Last season after 14 games under Dean Saunders, Town sat in the top 10 following a 3-0 win over Southend.

On Saturday, a 3-0 defeat by Scunthorpe left them 23rd.

Of course, Saunders’ side went on to lose their next game 3-0 to The Iron and began a slide which cost the boss his job.

Wilson steered the ship to safe waters, just, but is suffering from the ‘Saunders hangover,’ getting no contribution from his predecessor’s big signings.

With one win in 11 and no goals in four games, it’s bleak, but the accounts will make many realise that Wilson’s performance must be seen within their context.

It’s simply not fair to ask for the manager’s head when, due to so many factors, his hands are tied.