Youth MPs visit to Commons

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BUDDING politicians from South Yorkshire will be among members of the UK Youth Parliament heading to the House of Commons for a debate next month.

On November 4, the teenagers, including Sheffield’s Harrison Carter, will be the only group of none MPs with permission to debate from the famous green benches.

They will be proposing arguments for and against issues important to young people and voting on what they believe to be the most pressing concern for those they represent in the country.

Before the debate, ballot papers will be distributed nationwide and filled in by the country’s young people.

This will provide a mandate for the Youth Parliament giving people the opportunity to vote for the topics they believe should be discussed.

From these, the Youth Parliament delegates will debate the issues and vote on what they believe should be their national campaign.

Harrison said: “The day will provide a great chance for Youth Parliament members to advocate the voice of the young people in their constituencies.

“By representing all those they were elected by, the organisation’s delegates can form a formidable pressure group, getting politicians to listen to what young people have to say. Political activism is the best way to engage young people.”