Welfare is a top priority

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I think animal welfare should be a major issue this election. The situation is dire, with hundreds of millions of animals and birds suffering legal cruelty - think of factory farms - and trivial punishments awarded for horrible illegal cruelty.

Obviously the political parties don’t agree with me. The subject isn’t mentioned at all in their campaigning. Maybe we - sometimes called an animal-loving people - don’t care either, or we’d pester them about it.

By a short lead I’d say the Tories are worst. It looks as if they want to keep and intensify the cruelty. 
They’ve broken their promise to get wild animals out of circuses; they’ve told police to ignore the illegal hunting that goes on countrywide and aim to legitimise it by scrapping the act; and they want to add to the annual countryside bloodbath of hunting, shooting, poisoning and trapping by backing the senseless badger cull.

What kind of people are these folk who want to rule us ?

Mike Maas

by email

Turkeys vote for Christmas

Well, The Tories run press and TV; think they only have to turn up for a landslide victory.

Now we know Chelsea and Reading thought likewise.

How senior citizens can vote for more cuts is beyond my comprehension.

Raising pension age, hoping you will die before you receive it, then, if you do survive, cutting fuel allowance so you freeze in the next bad winter that is due.

People on bare pensions who do not pay tax are struggling.

Talk about turkeys voting for Christmas. The toffs and prawn sandwich brigade are laughing all the way to the bank.

They continue a repulsive attack on Mr Corbyn because they have no policies otherwise.

If you vote for Mrs Theresa May, all I can say is you will be sorry. The fox will be in the turkey pen.

Brian Gannon


I don’t trust main parties

Why are people to scared of some UKIP policies?

Migration, why, when we have 1.6 million unemployed do we need immigration in its present form? Surely, it is better to get our people working and get a work ethic back. Even if a job pays less than their benefits, they should work and then have money made up with benefits. No more something for nothing. If they refuse work, stop benefits.

This is not being racist, it’s being realistic. More immigration, means more houses, which means more gas, water, electric, drainage, more roads and cars and greater strain on services.

Also a fat lot of good diversity and multiculturalism has done to our country. Look at how the Manchester bomber thanked our country for letting his refugee family in and there are more like this and we pamper them.

Overseas aid should be cut by 70 percent. Why give money to countries who have space programs and new Nuclear weapons, to countries to pay female pop groups?

Money saved should be spent on our services, the NHS, police, fire, security and help create work. Train our people to be doctors and nurses and pay them well. An alternative way to support countries could be via charity.

On crime and security, I agree we should have a death penalty for terrorists and murders. Why should we keep these people.

Finally, on welfare, it’s time to stop pampering benefits machines. That is those who choose to have in excess of three kids and start having them under age 18.

We need some UKIP presence in Westminster as I don’t trust main parties who are so far out of touch with ordinary people.



Blinkered political view

I am writing in response to the Councillor Peter Price, Star letters, May 31, 2017, in which he extols the virtues of the Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Loyalty to one’s political leader is a fine attribute for any party member, especially when that leader is leading a party whose MPs, members and grassroots supporters are singing from the same hymn sheet. However, in the case of Mr Corbyn this is sadly not happening.

I do not question his principle and integrity, but I cannot equate Peter’s assertion of him being a man committed to improving the quality of life for us all, when set against his political history of wishing to scrap our nuclear deterrent and allowing UK uncontrolled borders and immigration.

The consequences of doing so will result in the exact opposite economically, and as a nuclear free nation our annihilation by any country with a nuclear capability - knowing that we cannot strike back.

To compare Mr Corbyn as a leader alongside Clement Attlee is doing a disservice to the late post war Labour politician. Following Winston Churchill’s great leadership in uniting the country during World War Two, it was widely expected that the Tories would be elected in 1945.

This was not the case and Clement Attlee led a great socialist party, leading among many welfare benefits to the formation of the National Health Service - a concept which despite its current misuse by some, and financial problems, remains the finest in the world for the poor and needy. He presided over a united party and supporters, unlike what we have today.

While Mr Corbyn was elected leader by 62 per cent of the (650,000 plus?) membership vote, that vote pales into insignificance when set against the nine million plus potential grassroots support. Peter praises the increased membership but seems to have his head in the sand when addressing the concerns of the Labour voting majority.

While the leader professes to follow Labour policy, it is now reported in the national media that the party has drawn up secret plans to throw open Britain’s doors to thousands of unskilled migrants after Brexit.

This document has been drawn up by Mr Corbyn’s domestic policy adviser - yet Labour’s manifesto made no mention of a plan to allow in more unskilled migrants, and he has repeatedly refused to say whether he thinks immigration levels are too high.

In spite of having a ‘fully costed manifesto’ he was unable to say on a BBC interview how much his flagship childcare policy would cost, and said that immigration would probably come down - ‘but don’t hold me to that’.

Peter, by all means support your leader and party but remove your blinkered view of them and acknowledge that all is not well within OUR ranks.

Cyril Olsen

Busk Meadow, Sheffield, S5

Well done Sheffield

How lovely to see so many people enjoying the spectacular and stunning blooming of the plants and flowers in the ‘Grey to Green’ project and the Love Square park. Well done Sheffield City Council for this initiative.

Lawrence Whyte

Millsands, Sheffield, S3