Thirsty? Let’s go on an arty pub scrawl

Pete McKee's work always brings in good crowds
Pete McKee's work always brings in good crowds
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...AND here’s an art extravaganza, featuring Lord Bunn – and a whole bunch of other Sheffield talents – worth drinking to...

Ten city creative-types will hold one-night-only residencies in 10 city bars as part of an inaugural Pub Scrawl.

The extravaganza, organised by former Diary star Pete McKee, will include guided walks in which ‘crawlers’ will be taken between the different boozers.

Lord Bunn will be joined by Warp Films, Nick Deakin, Geo, Sarah Abbott, Ian Anderson, Tado, Faunagraphic, Fine and Dandy, and Tom Newell. One of the 10 will each work in the University Arms, The Harley, the Bath Hotel, The Washington, The Bowery, the Forum Cafe Bar, Frog and Parrot, The Great Gatsby, Bungalows and Bears, and Dada, all city centre.

Who is where is being kept a secret until the night.

“Pubs are a great place to show work,” says Pete. “Although this particular event will be more an experience than exhibition. I’m trying to take away the stuffiness. The artist will create work in their designated venue, using it as a canvas. This could be anything from hanging a picture to a visual installation.”

Tickets at £5 available at