Thirst Degree out to educate students

Tom Purcell and Thirst Degree beer
Tom Purcell and Thirst Degree beer
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THEY’RE well known for liking a tipple - normally whatever’s on offer and will get them smashed the quickest.

But a Sheffield pub and Barnsley brewery are hoping to change the drinking habits of the region’s students one pint at a time.

A new real ale has been created, and is being marketed, specifically for academics.

Thirst Degree (geddit?) has been brewed by Acorn Brewery for the new term and is being sold only at that most scholarly of drinking holes, The University Arms, in Brook Hill, city centre.

“More youngsters are getting into real ale,” says Dave Hughes, Acorn’s managing director. “So, while students aren’t known for being big ale drinkers, we’re sure this will go down well. It’s attractive looking and light but full of flavour.”

More importantly, it’s also a wallet-friendly £2.50 a pot.

“We sold about 600 pints in the first week which is good going,” says Tom Purcell, assistant manager at the Uni Arms.

But students drinking at the pub appear less certain.

“It’s nice,” says John McVicker, a history scholar of Spring Hill Road, Crookesmoor. “I’d drink it if I was having a couple of pints but then it’s probably a bit heavy for a big night.”

“It’s alright,” says Nicola Lazenby, a PhD student of Endcliffe Village. “But I’ll stick to cider or cocktails.”

Students, they may be, but it seems there’s no educating some people.