There’s worse than the HUBs...

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THIS one could run and run...

After the Sheffield Hallam University HUBs was voted the world’s worst building, this column argued there were at least three far more worthy contenders for the title in Sheffield alone.

A reader emails to say I’m wrong – there are four.

“You forgot to mention the Embrace nightclub building,” Stan Brooks writes. “With its cheap and tacky futurist exterior, it looks like something taken from a 1970s episode of Star Trek.”

I hold my hands up and stand corrected.

SOME other people who should hold their hands up are Bradfield Parish Council members.

Generally, my view on these authorities is like my view of BBC3 – bit of a waste of money but harmless enough.

I’ve even known councillors to make the odd astute decision. They once chose some lovely petunias for the hanging baskets in my home village.

But I was astonished to read BPC has decided members will no longer have their contact details available to the public - you know, the people who vote them in.

Surely, anyone with even a basic grasp of how democracy works know this is an affront to it.

Because here’s the deal guys: no-one forced you to be councillors and no-one doubts it is a difficult undertaking but when you chose public service, the clue is in the title – you chose to serve the public.

And that means you chose to represent their interests and be accountable to their scrutiny – not just to spend their money.

And part of that means sometimes being on the other end of a phone when a voter wants to discuss their concern.

Otherwise, it’s not a council, it’s a private interest group.

QUICK recommendation: Hillsborough’s Cupola gallery celebrating its 20th anniversary with an exhibition starting tomorrow.

Founder Karen Sherwood featured on this page talking about the landmark in January.

Now the birthday show will run until October 2. Well worth a look - if only for tomorrow’s magician.