The Diary: Taketwo

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FROM one Sheffielder – Sarah in today’s main piece – doing remarkable things to another.

Well done Pitsmoor playwright Marcia Layne, whose radio play The Barber and the Ark has been short-listed for the prestigious Imison Award.

The gong is given out each year to a dramatist who has had a play broadcast on the wireless for the first time. Marcia’s is about a Rastafarian having a haircut. What’s not to love? Give that girl the prize.

INTERESTING to read council leader Julie Dore writing in Monday’s Star.

Interesting, that is, because if ever there was a Sheffield award for non-speak surely she’d win hands down.

“One key improvement,” wrote the Labour leader, answering a question about how to make council’s services better, “is to develop a corporate communications policy to make sure that all departments meet certain standards when informing the public, so nobody feels their views are not being taken into account and that we are carrying out a thorough process.”

Answers on a postcard if anyone knows what that’s supposed to mean.

INCIDENTALLY, she added: “We have plenty of ideas which we will develop in due course but we have only been in power just over 130 days so you will hear more from us in the near future.”

So, to clarify. That’s nearly five months in power and still unwilling (or unable) to reveal the odd policy? It’s enough to make you apathetic.

TALKING about Labour leaders, did you see Doncaster MP Ed Miliband’s speech at his party’s conference in Liverpool? Didn’t the beige backdrop sum it up perfectly?

FROM Liverpool to Wigan and a plea from The George Formby Society.

The Sheffield branch has emailed The Diary because it’s looking for members to keep the great man’s memory alive. If it’s only so the world never forgets With My Little Stick Of Blackpool Rock there’s surely no more worthy cause.