The Diary: He does words too - Star cartoonist is now published novelist

James Whitworth
James Whitworth
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HE’S The Star cartoonist who makes readers laugh with illustrations poking fun at everything from officialdom to the British weather.

But now James Whitworth has turned his pen to something rather different: he’s written a murder mystery novel. And - proving some blokes have more talent than is strictly fair - it is released this week by publishers Endeavour.

“What am I doing next?” he ponders. “Maybe I’ll have a go at solving the problems with the EU.”

Maybe he should - because his tale, Death’s Disciple, is a belter. And The Diary isn’t just saying that because James is a colleague. We’re also saying it because it features a Sheffield journalist as one of the heroes.

“He’s actually named after Tim Brown, the late Morning Telegraph writer” explains James, 43, of Fulwood. “I knew him when I was a kid. He was a lovely bloke and a great writer.”

He wrote the book, set in Whitby, in 2008 but it only got picked up while doing some illustration work for another publishing company recently. He mentioned the novel . They recommended he pitched it to Endeavour. Endeavour loved the idea.

“They’ve now commissioned me to do a sequel,” he says. “So I’m working on that - in between doing my cartoons, of course.”

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