The Diary: Greavesie roars about new Tiger J charity chocolates - VIDEO

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JIMMY Greaves has never been attacked by a big cat - although he was known for his own cat-like prowess and tenacity on the football field.

But the striking god was so impressed by Janet Coghlan’s tale - not to mention her chocolates - he invested in the Tiger J range.

Attack partnership: Janet Coghlan and Jimmy Greaves.

Attack partnership: Janet Coghlan and Jimmy Greaves.

And the 71-year-old, who played for Tottenham, Cheslea, AC Milan and England, visited her cookery school, in Sheepbridge, Chesterfield, to launch the new range.

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“I can’t imagine what she went through,” he says over a croissant. “I was attacked by a few defenders in my time but that’s about it - not least by this fellow here.”

He points at Sheffield Wednesday legend Peter Swan, who is also at the launch. “This is the closest I’ve been to him without being kicked,” he adds.

“I always apologised after,” retorts the 74 year old one-time England man.

Kickings aside Greavesie liked playing at Wednesday and United.

“I always seemed to score at Hillsborough,” he says. “I had three semi-finals there and scored in two of them.

“And back then Bramall Lane was still used as a cricket ground in the summer. If you were one-nil up with a few minutes left, you’d get the ball and boot it to the boundary.”

Happy days, indeed - would he still be playing if he could?

He smiles a bit.

“I’ve had my time, I’d like to be 30 years younger but who wouldn’t? Right now, I’m happy to be here eating these chocolates.”