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Bruce-y Bonus

Now how about this for proof of the kindness of strangers?

Bruce Springsteen super fan Stephanie Dunn was thrilled when she got to dance and sing with The Boss live on stage recently, as reported in this paper. She was plucked from the crowd to join the Born To Run Legend on stage at Hampden Park, Glasgow.

But one reader, who saw our story, was so impressed with her antics, they anonymously posted the Dronfield 20-year-old a gift.

“They said they’d read the article in The Star and they enclosed two tickets from the Tunnel of Love show at Bramall Lane in 1988,” she explains. “They left no name on the note though so I’d really love to say thank you to whoever was kind enough to send them. It really did make my day.”

Stone Me

And while we’re on rock stars, reader John Bisby gets in touch after this column’s suggestion that Mick Jagger might dedicate a Rolling Stones song to Nick Clegg after the pair had dinner a fortnight ago.

“You Can’t Always Get What You Want” he reckons would be a good one.

Fab times at Tramlines

And while we’re on music, what about that Tramlines, hey? That was enjoyable, wasn’t it? Same time same place next year?


The shoplifter arrested by a man dressed as Superman has been jailed, then?

Stephen Smith, of the Manor, was locked up after being apprehended by Luke Junior while he was clothed as the superhero, as reported in this paper. Still, look on the bright side son, at least you have a good anecdote to tell your cellmates.