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Tramlines is almost here, then, and excitement certainly seems to be building. And with so much going on, organisers say there will be something for everyone – even, it seems, for those in search of a spot of exercise.

Sheffield’s FridayNightRiders group has arranged a cycle ride with a difference for tomorrow – the route will take in city landmarks mentioned in music. They’ll start at Cole’s Corner (the name of a Richard Hawley album) then visit places like Hunter’s Bar (namechecked by Arctic Monkeys) and Castle Market (referenced by Pulp). Apparently, though, they won’t be taking in Boothy’s house, as made famous by Little Man Tate. Starts 6.30pm.


From bikes to cars, and here’s a terrific idea.

Residents of Dransfield Road, Crosspool, had their street shut for the afternoon, as reported in The Star, so children could play there like it was 1950 again. Which is to say without the fear some boy racer or berk in a beamer might mow them down.

Householders asked Sheffield Council to make the closure after seeing a similar scheme in Bristol. Now, after it was a success, it is being repeated in Coverdale Road, Nether Edge, today. Great.

This column has previously argued fewer cars on the road would be good for us all – not least those people who like their cars too much. Maybe one day this scheme could be taken even further with certain streets designated pedestrian-only areas for certain times every week.

You can’t go back in time but surely some aspects of the past – less polluted streets where children can play safely – are worth recapturing.