Take Two with Colin Drury

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Plenty of feedback comes in after our Midweek Retro feature which recalled the weekend 25 years ago when Bruce Springsteen played Bramall Lane.

The two gigs, each attracting 44,000 fans, were the biggest ever held in Sheffield. And they’re clearly still fondly remembered. Not least by Mike Lawton.

“I had met a new girl Anne in April 1988, and after a couple of dates found out that she liked The Boss,” he recalls. “I decided to risk buying two tickets – £35 for the pair was quite an outlay back then – hoping we would still be together in July.

“We were, and what a great concert we enjoyed. Anne must have quite liked me too. Happily she’s now my wife, and we still attend concerts today.”

Another reader meanwhile, simply says: “Best crowd ever at Bramall Lane.”

Which sounds like a compliment for The Boss but, given she goes by the Twitter name MissOwl70, might just include a dig at the neighbours too.


Now, obviously crime is no laughing matter but one can’t help but think Sheffield crook Jason Lee Mullins showed some serious incompetence after he burgled a Crosspool house – he made his getaway by bus.

The 43-year-old loser has now been caught and locked up for six years, as reported in The Star. And quite right too. Still, one can’t help wonder what was going through Mullins’ mind when he decided to board the bus with thousands of pounds of swag. More to the point, what was going through his mind when he was waiting at the stop: “They’re never on bloody time when you most want them.”