Take Two with Colin Drury

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From Peak District cheese-makers to Peak District noise-makers, and it must have been a funny few days for Castleton punk band Drenge.

These are the two unassuming (and largely unheard of) brothers who have been gigging around Sheffield since 2010 - and who last week found themselves all over the papers after being name checked in the resignation letter of a shadow government minister.

Tom Watson, MP for West Bromwich East, quit Ed Miliband’s cabinet amid internal Labour squabbling. But his letter informing of his decision finished, somewhat bizarrely, by telling the party leader: “John Humphrys asked me why you were not at Glastonbury. I said Labour leaders can’t be seen standing in muddy fields listening to bands. And then I thought how terribly sad. So: be that great Labour leader that you can be, but try to have a real life too. And if you want to see an awesome band, I recommend Drenge.”

As it goes this column recommends them too. And, while it’s difficult to imagine Ed moshing along at a gig, it’s nice to see the duo getting some recognition.

One just wonders if there was any subtext to Watson’s tip. One of their songs is called I Wanna Break You In Half.

They’re not the first band from the region to be name checked by a politician, either.

Gordon Brown famously declared he was a fan of Arctic Monkeys. Strangely, he wasn’t spotted at their Don Valley Bowl gig.

David Cameron, on the other hand, professes a love of The Smiths. To which guitarist Johnny Marr is fairly unambiguous. “Stop saying you like The Smiths,” he tweeted, “no you don’t. I forbid you.”