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Streets ahead of the game

A huge response to last week’s Diary question of what Sheffield street you’d have on a T-shirt, and why. This was inspired by Crosspool designer Nick Duggan, who has launched his very own range featuring such places as Mushroom Lane and Carsick Hill. And plenty of you have you own ideas.“Derek Dooley Way,” says one Twitter user going by the name Essential Supplies. “I say it in my version of a Yorkshire accent every time I drive down it.” Another, Sarah Walters, suggested Cross Burgess Street “cos I like the idea of a street losing its temper”; while Richard Houlding said simply: “The Parkway. Road to Paradise.”But perhaps the best, if geographically slightly inaccurate, nomination goes to Pat Wilkin - with Pocket Handkerchief Lane. “It’s more Todwick but that’s just a minor issue,” he says. “Think of the design possibilities.” Another popular one was Letsby Avenue, the link road off Europa Way where the first building on the right is...a police station. The cheeky name - familiar as the punchline to the joke, where does a policeman live? - was officially approved after builders first used the nickname while working on the road around 1999. Unfortunately there’s no Onyer Way nearby. This writer, for the record, would go with Love Street near Kelham Island. If it’s good enough for The Doors to write a song about it, it’s good enough to go on a T-shirt.

Forging ahead

And meanwhile, 150 years ago today, two engravers were showing Sheffield’s renowned entrepreneurial spirit was alive and well. Edwin Hides and Henry Light were sentenced to four years in prison after being caught creating forged American dollar bills.