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Still off track

Nick Clegg has been doing some ‘behind-the-scenes lobbying’ to alter the proposed route of high speed rail, then? The Deputy Prime Minister and Sheffield Hallam MP has worked to ensure the new train line - completion date 2350 or something - avoids Firth Rixson steelworks. Under the initial plans, the place would have had to been bulldozed, as reported in The Star. Well done, Nick. Now how about doing some more of this behind-the-scenes lobbying to get the rest of the line altered so it comes into Sheffield city centre (you know, just like it goes into Leeds city centre) and is, therefore, not a massive white elephant for the region.


Talking of white elephants, has that Hammerson deadline passed yet? Or has the (non)development company been given yet more time to mess us about?


So, fundraisers from Sheffield law firm Irwin Mitchell are going swimming with sand tiger sharks? The volunteers are taking the plunge to raise money for children’s charity KIDS, as reported in this paper. Good for them - although one wonders how the sharks feel about being thrown in lawyer-infested water.


Now, was this column talking hot air when it said wind farms were beautiful things? It seems perhaps not. Thorpe Salvin Parish Council may not be a fan - it has objected to a single turbine being built, as reported in The Star - but a couple of readers have got in touch to say they agree these structures actually aesthetically enhance many areas. “Spot on,” says Matthew Bell. And regular correspondent Phil Parker chimes in: “My favourite excuse against building them was a resident of a village near us who said they sounded like a jet taking off. I live less than half a mile from 19 of them at Royd Moor. And the only time we can hear anything is if the wind is coming directly from that direction. Even then it’s hardly audible. They’re here to stay, get used to them.”


If Sheffield Children’s Festival is 21 years old this year, shouldn’t it now be called Sheffield Adults’ Festival?