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CURTIS Woodhouse: what a hero.

The former Sheffield United footballer-turned-boxer drove 70 miles to track down and confront a cowardly internet troll who had been abusing him on Twitter.

The ex-Blade turned up at the Sheffield home of cyber bully James O’Brien after the cowardly keyboard warrior posted a string of unedifying messages, as reported in The Star yesterday.

Fortunately for the lad – who had mocked Woodhouse for losing a fight – he wasn’t in when the boxer knocked on his door.

And it seems, scared by the whole incident, the pathetic 24-year-old has now issued a grovelling apology. Not just to Woodhouse but to a whole string of celebrities he has tweeted abuse at, presumably in a bid to fill his own meaningless life. That includes Victoria Beckham, Katie Price and Lennox Lewis.

“It was just a bit of fun,” he whined after the incident.

Except it’s not, is it?

Too many people think they can act like absolute morons online with absolute impunity from consequence. They think they can be as vile as they wish because they are safe in the security of behind-screen anonymity. They think they can get away with targeting celebrities, mocking bereaved families and naming innocent men as paedophiles.

And largely, unfortunately, for now they’re right.

So, how satisfying to see James (Twitter account now deleted) being named, shamed and made to look like the pillock he is. Good on you, Curtis.

Let’s hope it teaches a few others to think before they type.

FROM one sports legend to another, and great to see former goalkeeper Dave Beasant turn up at a Sheffield school.

The one-time England international took the FA Cup to Mundella Primary School, as revealed in The Star.

He famously won the trophy in 1988 when underdogs Wimbledon beat Liverpool at Wembley.

Glorious perhaps but, to this column, he’ll always be lovingly remembered as the pro who was out injured for weeks after – not such safe hands here – dropping a bottle of mayonnaise on his foot.

Try telling him eating salads is good for you.