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AS tales of friendship go, they don’t come much more heartwarming than that of Danielle Thompson and Hannah Silkstone.

The two South Yorkshire teenagers – from Intake and Aston respectively – met on the wards of Weston Park Hospital after both were diagnosed with cancer.

Now, as reported in The Star, they’ve been given the all clear and are set to complete a charity skydive together.

Well worth sponsoring.

But this column doesn’t always recommend trying to make friends in hospital. While I was on the wards of Nottingham’s Queen’s Medical Centre after an accident some years ago, the fellow on the next bed struck up a conversation.

“Why are you in here?” he inquired.

And after explaining, one felt it only polite to ask the same question back.

“I was stabbed,” he said. “By my wife. Nine times. After I hit her.”

Reader, there aren’t many places you can take a conversation after that.

THAT accident, by the way, happened after taking a short cut home which included negotiating (or, rather, attempting to negotiate) a particularly high fence.

It would have knocked five minutes off the journey time. It ended up taking three days – and an emergency operation – before getting back to the house. Not efficient.

ANOTHER day, another shake-you-head story: consultants in Sheffield are being paid £113 an hour from public funds – to ensure ‘value for money’.

Balm Green based firm Rider Levett Bucknall have been paid £113,802 for work relating to Park Hill, as revealed in this paper.

One wonders if those at Sheffield City Council authorising the payments have a grasp of what irony is.

AND finally good luck to Sheffield Theatres which takes its production of The Full Monty on tour from tomorrow.

The stage show has been a, er, Horse-sized hit here in its home town and few would argue that it doesn’t deserves to replicate that success across the country.

Here’s hoping the bums of steel get plenty of bums on seats.