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MORE horse meat: did anyone else find the reassurance that there is no pony in Sheffield school meals not altogether convincing?

Let’s break it down.

Sherffield City Council pays multinational Taylor Shaw to provide school meals. Taylor Shaw, in turn, buys beef products from a range of suppliers. It asks those suppliers, themselves, to check for horse. The suppliers, unsurprisingly, say: no horse used here.

So, that’s all right, then.

Except, not really.

Because asking a supplier to check their own products isn’t exactly foolproof, is it? If they’re shovelling in Shergar to undercut costs and make a bigger profit, they’re not going to own up just because they’re asked nicely, are they?

So, here’s the thing: it seems almost certain no horse meat has entered the South Yorkshire school food chain – they use British produce and go to respected places. But, really, shouldn’t Taylor Shaw and the city council be ensuring this by making their own occasional independent checks?

IRONICALLY, several dieticians have come forward after the scandal. They say using horse instead of beef would have actually made many products healthier.

LOOK Both Ways. Give Way. No Turning. No parking. Paid parking. Go. Slow. Go Slow...

If there’s one thing Sheffield’s roads do well, it’s bark instructions at you. Apparently there are 28,000 street signs cluttering the city.

Or, to put it another way, too many of the damn things.

So fair play to the Sheffield City Council’s Streets Ahead scheme which, as revealed in this paper, promises to reduce the number of these legalised eyesores.


For too long, places like The Wicker and Ecclesall Road have been allowed to lose their character and become, instead, ugly runs of rules and regulations, half of which are nothing but dangerous distractions anyway. And almost all of which could be replaced with one simple maxim: use your common sense.

Reclaiming the streets from such clutter will do a lot to instantly (and cheaply) make the city a more pleasant place to be.