Take Two with Colin Drury

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QUITE right of South Yorkshire police and crime commissioner Shaun Wright to defend his plans to increase council tax, in Friday’s newspaper.

How else is he going to pay for the £6,000 security upgrades he’s currently having done to his home?

A COLLEAGUE wanders over following Thursday’s feature on a new temperance bar in Rotherham.

“The trouble with herbal drinks like sarsaparilla,” he notes, “is they’re enough to turn a man to booze.”

AND on the same subject, we should perhaps make clear the alcohol-free black beer with raisin sold at the afore-mentioned Whistle Stop Sweet Shop And Temperance Bar, in High Street, certainly isn’t to be confused with the famous Mather’s Black Beer brewed in Huddersfield.

The latter is an 8.5 per cent monster.

But here’s a strange thing: when the boozy brew is mixed with lemonade to make shandy, connoisseurs apparently give it the nickname Sheffield Stout.

Is this a West Yorkshire slight on the supping ability of South Yorkshire folk?

AND still on the same subject, reader and regular correspondent Ron Clayton gets in touch to say he remembers supping sarsaparilla at the long gone Jack’s bar, in Langsett Road, in the Sixties.

“Blue and yellow frontage, pin ball machine and you could get something for the weekend, Sir,” he recalls. “Though I never had the cause.”

AND finally today, more reaction to Midweek Retro’s memories of the cinema...

Reader Susan Richardson emails in to say the feature brought back two (somewhat different) recollections.

The first: being thrown out of The Star Cinema, in Ecclesall Road, after standing up to dance to Cliff Richard singing in his first film Serious Charge. The second: going to The Gaumont, in Barker’s Pool, for a family lunch, complete with pet dog, Lassie.

“She was treated to a bowl of meat and gravy by the restaurant manager, Miss Wells,” recalls Susan. “Can you imagine what Health and Safety would make of that today? Even though our dog was probably better behaved than a lot of children...”