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REMEMBER Nigel McEnaney?

The 24-year-old appeared on this page 15 months ago after setting himself a somewhat unusual challenge – to track down and meet all the men who had been to the moon.

There are 18 still alive, and he’s now had face time with 12, including Buzz Aldrin. It’s cost him about £3,000.

But the Showroom cinema manager of Brooklands Avenue, Fulwood, is now hoping to take his own giant leap – by blasting into space himself.

He’s put himself forward for the Lynx Space Academy, a unique training camp which will see 22 amateur astronauts fly 103km into orbit.

To get to the academy, though, he needs your help. Some 7,000 men around the world have signed up for a place – but only the 200 with the most online votes by the end of today will be accepted. From those 200, the final 22 will be picked for the voyage, pencilled in for 2014.

“I’d love to do it so much,” he says. “It’s a long shot but it’s probably my only chance.”

Show him your support at www.lynxapollo.com/en_GB/31689/nigel-mcenaney

Peter Stringfellow says he might challenge Nick Clegg for his Sheffield Hallam constituency at the next general election, then?

The Pitsmoor-born millionaire – famed for his lapdancing clubs – is annoyed after the Deputy Prime Minister singled him out as a rich pensioner undeserving of state benefits. He says he’ll run as an independent, according to this paper.

Fair play.

He’s a lovely bloke, has a keen eye for an opportunity and cherishes his South Yorkshire roots. But the perma-tanned one as an MP? One can’t help but feel his constituents would end up with a, um, bum deal.

MORE comment on HS2?

A reader emails in wondering why, in the 21st century, it will take 20 years to construct the line between London and Meadowhall.

“Yet the Victorians built the entire rail network from scratch in little more than 25 years,” notes Stan Brookes. “That’s progress for you.”

YOU’RE not bored of reading about this already, are you?

Just think, there’s another 20 years of it to come yet.