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IT’S more or less universally accepted that the Tour de France coming to Sheffield next year is terrific news - and you won’t get any argument here.

A boost for the region’s economy, an inspiration for people to get on their bikes and get fit, and the chance to see Wiggo’s sideburns up close? What’s not to love there?

The only slight downside? The provisional route sees the stage finishing at Sheffield Arena. Which is to say, the provisional route sees the stage finishing adjacent to the by then shut down Don Valley Stadium, former home of Sheffield sport. You don’t know whether to laugh or cry, do you?

FROM global sporting heroes to a Rotherham poster girl.

Pensioner Peggy Griffin is to appear on the side of 600,000 cartons of goat milk after drinking the stuff all her life, this paper reported last week.

Yorkshire food company St Helen’s Farm will place the 83-year-old on the packaging - to be sold nationwide - after they discovered Peggy attributed her youthful looks and long life to the alternative drink.

In short: she’s a real star, and no kid-ing.

AND in the continuing Sevenstone saga...

Sheffield City Council says it has now set a deadline for developers Hammerson to commit to the city centre retail quarter project, as revealed in The Star. If the firm doesn’t, presumably other options will be sought.

Great. Except one can’t help but notice the council has refused to divulge when exactly that deadline is. Hm.

BUT praise where it’s due...

News that the authority had been spending up to £800 a day on special advisors - at a time when it’s also making £50 million worth of cuts - was met (quite rightly) with incredulity.

So fair play to councillor Bryan Lodge, cabinet member for finance, who, as reported in this paper, stepped in and announced a crackdown within 24 hours. He immediately told officials all such spends - previously waved through without scrutiny - must be approved by councillors in future.

How refreshing to see some quick, decisive action.