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BLIMEY. Talk about opening a can of worms.

When this column explored the pronunciation difficulties of Beauchief, it didn’t expect quite such a torrent of emails and phone calls (ie three) on the subject.

A couple of those say it should be said Bee-chief; while regular correspondent Paul Kenny notes: “Surely what is significant is how local people say it, not the view of some pedant.”


AND another reader – rather friendlier – gets in touch after Tuesday’s main Diary piece revealed Crystal Peaks shopping centre, in Waterthorpe, is 25 this year.

“Happy birthday, then, to my Ellesse trainers,” emails Beryl White. “Bought them the week Peaks opened and I am still wearing them every week – including the same pair of laces. Other trainers have come and gone, but my Ellesse go on for ever. Still the most comfortable, if not the most elegant these days.”

Unfortunately, she adds, the shop where they were bought hasn’t lasted so long.

SO, Britain’s oldest bloke is a Sheffielder?

Ralph Tarrant, aged 109 and 185 days, became the country’s most mature man after Reg Dean (110 and 63 days) passed away, as revealed in this paper.

Ralph, of Broomhill, lives independently, does his own shopping, likes a drink, enjoys cottage pie and advises that the key to a long marriage – his lasted 79 years – is giving each other hell every day. Oh, and he also says he doesn’t understand the fuss about his longevity.

So, let this column explain: you, sir, are a remarkable man and an absolute inspiration.

AND another Sheffield resident doing good things – Daniel Evans, artistic director with Sheffield Theatres.

The 39-year-old stars in new blockbuster, Les Misérables, alongside such Hollywood heavyweights as Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Anne Hathaway.

And his role? He’s a, er, pimp.

AND talking of Sheffield movie stars, this column has finally got round to watching Sean Bean in sex and swords series Game Of Thrones.

Riveting viewing. But not a clue what’s supposed to be going on.