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UNDERWEAR, money and a workout DVD - those are among the worst Christmas presents a man can buy a woman according to a report in this paper on Friday.

But this column’s dad has a good shout at a gift right down there with the most awful of all.

Imagine a wife’s disappointment to unwrap a present on Christmas morning and find it was...a deep fat fryer. Less a case of ‘How did you know?’ More ‘What were you thinking?’

It lasted until the shops opened on Boxing Day. At one point, the marriage looked like it might not survive even that long.

EAST Midlands Trains, which runs Sheffield Station, has named the boss of the interchange, Jason Cocker, as the company’s manager of the year.

Congratulations to him.

But one wonders how many of the commuters stuck in the unnecessarily huge ticket queues which tail through the station every Friday would agree with the gong.

IT’S all right, though, because the company has also announced it’s to install new ticket machines to get things moving.

Um, two to be exact. So that should sort the problems, then.

HUGELY jealous of the couple who won free burgers for a year at city pub The Harley.

Emma Farrell and Tasha Blake scooped the gourmet-licious prize, as reported in The Star, after they ordered the 25,000th burger sold at the Glossop Road boozer.

Just imagine that. You wouldn’t eat at home all year, would you?

Although a friend is less enamoured: “It would have been more worth winning if it was pies,” he notes.

AND finally, how did The Star’s team fare in last week’s Sheffield Hallam University Christmas Media Charity Quiz, we hear you wonder.

A respectable mid-table sixth, thanks for asking.

The winners were the BBC Look North team - disappointingly not featuring either Harry or Christa.

Well done them. Although perhaps we should point out, in typically overstaffed BBC fashion, they did have six players compared with four on most sides. Not that we’re bitter or anything.