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CERTAINLY it was an eye-opening night at La Chambre. Fascinating doesn’t begin to cover it.

But it rather got this column thinking.

Attercliffe, which is also home to several adult shops and a thriving LGBT scene, has long been colloquially known as Sheffield’s Soho.

Would there be an argument, therefore, for making the label official, building on the buzz and turning its unusual reputation into something of a tourist attraction? A couple of arches in the road, a few neon lights, and you could market the area as England’s mini Amsterdam.

It even has the canal and a name already provided by city band Pulp, Sheffield: Sex City.

TO a different kind of bird, and Sheffield twitchers have been getting excited about the recent arrival of Scandinavian waxwings in the city.

Hundreds of the creatures - which rarely travel south of their native Norway - have been spotted, as reported in this paper.

It’s due to a shortage of berries in the Arctic Circle this winter apparently. And it means there’s been no shortage of spotters around High Storrs where the birds have settled.

Great news for them, though not for a colleague who lives there.

The waxwings seem to have taken a liking for a tree near where he parks his car. He keeps waking to find the vehicle covered with their...offerings.

BLIMEY. Rotherham Labour party members sound like a friendly bunch, don’t they?

Activists are threatening not to support Sarah Champion, the party’s official candidate for the upcoming parliamentary by-election, because she’s an “outsider”.

She’s lived in the town since 2008.

NOT often this column praises Sheffield Council but, having seen the city’s new LED lights, someone somewhere deserves some credit.

The 68,000 bulbs are simultaneously brighter while cutting light pollution, as reported in The Star. They’ll also save us all money because they’re more efficient than the old models.

All in all, a bright idea.