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COMMISERATIONS to Crookesmoor comic and former Diary star Glenn Moore.

The 23-year-old featured on this page last week after making it to the final of Edinburgh Festival’s prestigious So You Think You’re Funny competition for young stand-ups.

The bad news is he didn’t win. The good news is he’s still wise-cracking.

“The other day a midget told me I was a good kisser,” he tweeted recently. “But she was just pulling my leg.”


IT’S probably not the most fashionable thing to say at the moment but being an Olympian is not something that ever appealed to this column.

All those years of hard training, early mornings, long days and strict diets just for a shot at a medal that’s not even proper gold? Cheers, but I think I’ll stay in bed for an extra couple of hours.


If someone had told me all those years ago that the hard work might eventually lead to appearing in The Beano, as this paper revealed Jessica Ennis has done, I’d have been on that training field with the best of them.

Meeting Dennis The Menace? What a reward.


THE features editor isn’t convinced.

“Now, if it had been The Topper...” he muses.


DELIGHTED she’s to be given the freedom of the city, though. There’s no-one more deserving.


FORMER Star journalist John Highfield emails The Diary in shock.

“Just seen my first Christmas goods for sale,” he says. “Cards and Santa decorations in Card Factory in Crystal Peaks.”

Well, there are only 17 shopping weeks left, after all.


AND finally all this on-going debate about GCSEs reminds me of the first time a news editor sent me to interview youngsters receiving their results. An over-enthusiastic mum was stood at the school door as I left and, seeing me smiling, asked what grades I’d got. I was 24.