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EVERY Sheffielder worth their bottle of Hendo’s knows about highwayman Spencer Broughton and how he was hung from an Attercliffe gibbet for 36 years.

But my history book is telling me he wasn’t the only criminal who was left hanging about.

Exactly 230 years ago today Bradfield crook Francis Fearn was executed for the murder of city watchmaker Nathan Andrews.

His body was displayed in Loxley - although for a relatively short 25 years.


IT’S health and safety gone mad, I tell thee.

Barnsley FC’s decision to ban a three-year-old’s family from buying him a season ticket because a ball might hit the tot is the sort of thing one doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry at.

Little Freddie Dale’s parents are furious, as reported in The Star last week.

But perhaps they could look on the bright side: not supporting the Tykes might save him a lot of heartache in the end.


ON the other hand, one wonders if the Wakefield-based Mid Yorkshire Hospital NHS Trust should be a little more concerned about health and safety.

One of their surgeons, Manji Bhamra, wracked up 90 compensation claims from patients while previously working at Rotherham Hospital. Officials reckon pay-outs are likely to top £2 million, as revealed in this paper.

The response of bosses at the Wakefield trust has been to insist they have “no cause for concern” about his work.

Really? One wonders if they’d be quite so confident if they were the ones about to go under his knife.


AND finally if you’re reading this after following a link on Twitter, some words from Michael Palin.

“Why would I tweet when I’ve not yet read The Brothers Karamazov?” asked the Ranmoor-raised Monty Python legend.

Wonderful philosophy.

Although, ahem, for what it’s worth...@colin_ _drury.