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SHEFFIELD design city, hey?

There might be a campaign in 21st century South Yorkshire, as previously reported in this paper, to have the Steel City recognised as a UNESCO world design capital - but it seems boasting about our creative skills is nothing new.

Exactly 170 years ago today a similar-ish campaign was launched to establish a School Of Design here.

The Cutler’s Company, Board of Trade and town trustees all wanted the centre as a way of building on the city’s reputation in the field.

It won plenty of support and The School Of Art and Design was established a year later.

It did alright too – it’s Sheffield Hallam University today.


AND I promise I’ll make this my last questioning comment with regards Sheffield’s Olympic celebrations - but did anyone else think last week’s official send-off for city athletes was a tad premature?

Don’t get me wrong, it was a lovely idea to throw a Peace Gardens party to pack-off our potential superstars.

Except London 2012 doesn’t start until July 27.

If we’re sending them on their way now, how do we think they’re getting there? By horse and cart?


BUT here’s one festival of sport well worth getting excited about: Cliffhanger.

The annual extreme pursuits extravaganza is taking place this weekend, as reported in The Star, and organisers are saying that it will be the biggest yet.

Good for them. And for us too, I reckon.

With thousands of people attending the event - this year moved to Graves Park to allow it to expand - it does the city’s economy and reputation the power of good.

More importantly it means we, should we wish, get to see a blokes made of absolute steel doing things on a bike, a wall and a parkour course that shouldn’t be physically possible.

What’s not to love there?