Take Two with Colin Drury

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TO the muppets who keep setting fire to Sheffield’s Ski Village: what on Earth is wrong with you?

The Parkwood Springs complex has been targeted by arsonists three times in as many weeks, as reported in The Star.

How disgusting.

Here is this incredible complex on the city’s doorstep and you have idiots trying to destroy it. Shameful.


WHICH is also one way of describing what has been happening to Sheffield’s green spaces during the recent hot spell.

Litter louts have left lovely locations like Devonshire Green, Meersbrook Park and Endcliffe Park strewn with garbage every day, as reported in The Star last week.

Forgive me for going all Daily Mail here but what utterly appalling behaviour.

Littering is one of the most repulsive habits there is and shows nothing but a complete lack of respect for other people and your own environment. The worst thing was seeing an empty bin on Devonshire Green last week - with cans, food boxes and bottles piled all around. I mean, just what is the point of that?

So here’s my idea. There’s a lot of talk of restorative justice these days.

Perhaps that should include finding out the cretinous culprits responsible and dumping the cleared up garbage in their living room.


WHAT about Rachael Foster, the Tapton Secondary School teacher currently competing to be Miss England?

I bet that’s one Miss who has no problems with poor attendance in her lessons.


ABOUT time too.

David Cameron finally did the right thing and said sorry to Dennis Skinner – the 80-year-old MP for Bolsover – for throwing ageist insults in Parliament earlier this month.

Now, one wonders when the Prime Minister will apologise for leading the economy into a double dip recession?