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A QUICK thanks to Stan Brookes, regular Take Two curmudgeon, for his take on the revelation The Diary is now on Twitter (@colin_ _drury)

“Why would I want to read your inane ramblings online?” he asks. “I already read them in the paper.”

Harsh but fair.

COULD Sheffield become the Hay-on-Wye of ale?

This is an idea being put forward in a widely-read blog by a pair of Cornish-based self-proclaimed beer geeks.

The online column – boakandbailey.com – reckons the Steel City could become a major tourist attraction because of the good grog being brewed here.

“Hay-on-Wye is a small market town famous for its 30 or so bookshops,” the piece reads. “Since the 1970s, those bookshops, and then the literary events they’ve attracted, have helped Hay prosper. Without them, it would receive a fraction of its current number of visitors.

“We don’t think there’s quite an equivalent ‘beer town’, but Sheffield springs to mind as a contender. It has more than its fair share of great pubs and breweries. With a little work, it could be Britain’s Beervana.”

Now, without blowing our own bottle, The Diary was advocating this just last year. But isn’t it nice to hear that we’re generating positive opinion across the rest of the country?

Perhaps the city’s tourist board should be building on it...?

AND talking of ale, it sounds like a fair interesting series of evenings being held at The Commercial pub in Chapeltown from next Monday.

Reverend Rick Stordy, vicar of nearby St John’s Church, is holding religious discussion nights there, as reported in The Star last Thursday.

Let’s just hope punters don’t have to wait 2,000 plus years for a second beer...

THAT’S Easter almost done then.

Remember this time last year? We’d have been looking forward to another Bank Holiday on Friday courtesy of Prince William getting married?

Perhaps it’s time Harry took one for the team and took Chelsea down the aisle.