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TALK about typical politician...

Labour shadow health secretary Andy Burnham arrived in Sheffield this week, addressed a rally as ‘West Yorkshire’, declined to answer questions on local issues and then got off on his way.

Don’t rush back, son.

REGULAR readers may remember I once said I would never (ever, under any circumstances) join Twitter.

In fact, regular readers with a particularly good memory may recall my exact wording: “It is forever people talking, chattering and speaking but never actually saying anything. Forever a stream of vacuity polluting cyber-space and empty minds.”

Eeh, brave new world, it seems, I was a hypocrite.

Because this week I finally bowed to the modern world and signed up to the social networking site.

If you can’t beat them, join them, and all that.

You can follow my inane occasional ramblings @colin__drury - worth looking at, I hope, but probably only for the cartoon drawing by super-talented city artist Nick Deakin.

That’s two underscores by the way - some other Colin Drury had already got one underscore.

NEWS from Gladys Smith.

This is the great grandma who appeared in The Diary ahead of becoming Sheffield’s oldest casino gambler by celebrating her 98th birthday at the roulette tables.

Gladys, of Apperknowle, told us she planned on winning - and it turns out she was right.

“She pocketed £15,” says family friend Nick Johnson. “She and her friend Brenda Smith, who’s 82 herself, won £30 on a single roulette spin and split the winnings.”

AND finally thanks to George Day who emails in after reading Wednesday’s page nine column stating my intention to walk up a city hill that very night.

“Listen to the weather forecast before you write anything like that in future,” he suggests.

He’s right - it was fair sleeting down.