Take Two: A BIT of a response to my page nine column about religion on Wednesday, then – and not all of it calling me a clown.

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Which is nice.

A couple of emails agreed with the view that Christianity shouldn’t play a major part in public life; and, of course, a couple didn’t.

But perhaps more interesting was the rant from a chap calling himself simply Chewbacca who took umbrage with my (presumed innocuous) suggestion that the film series Star Wars featured an unambiguous battle between good and evil.

Not so, according to our friend.

“In actual fact,” he writes, “from a political and moral standpoint, I believe the Empire – your so-called baddies – is a force for good.”

He then argues that, while Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine do indeed run a dictatorship, it is a benign one which shows itself to be tough on crime, fair on the economy and happy to interfere relatively little with the everyday lives of the galaxy’s people.

“In all six films we never hear the post-Imperial governing plans of your so-called goodies, the Rebel Alliance,” Chewie concludes. “All we see are plots and fighting.

“Their final victory over the Empire doesn’t liberate the galaxy, it turns into Somalia in space.”


Now this writer loves his Star Wars as much as the next sci-fi geek but there goes, one suspects, a Wookiee with too much time on his hands.

NICE postscript to today’s main feature, by the way.

David moved from Taiwan in 1993 to study at the University of Glamorgan in Pontypridd.

How, therefore, your Diarist wondered, did he end up in Sheffield.

“The accent was so strong in Wales and my English was still developing so I couldn’t tell what anyone was saying,” he says.

Thus, after completing his degree, he decided to move on – and ended up doing a Masters at Sheffield University.

“The accent thing,” he says. “It was no better.”