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GREAT news that the inaugural City Centre Sessions went well this weekend, as reported in The Star.

The scheme (first revealed in The Diary) in which up-and-coming bands played alongside established acts at shops, cafes and squares across the city centre attracted plenty of music lovers.

And it seems the performers themselves enjoyed themselves too. City singer-songwriter Nat Johnson noted on Twitter: “Thanks to everyone who came to my set. Never thought I’d get to cry GOODNIGHT JOHN LEWIS!!”


A shoplifter was caught as he attempted to swipe a tub of Philadelphia, the Co-operative has told The Star. Staff had to apprehend the man as he tried to escape with the cream cheese from the Heeley store.

Not a Gouda idea.


Proof perhaps that mockery is sometimes stranger than reality?

In November this column ribbed developers for saying they wanted The Moor to become the Oxford Street of Sheffield . We said they’d probably be telling us it was the South Yorkshire Champs-Elysees next.

Fast forward nine months to a report in The Star on Friday and we have manager Sandra Barley declaring: “I want The Moor to become like the... Champs-Elysees.” Bonkers.


Plenty of politicians (and the Archbishop of Canterbury) have been paying lip service of late to the idea of taking unscrupulous high-interest pay-day loan companies to task. And, yet, action, so far, has been sadly lacking.

So credit must be due to Barnsley Council which, as revealed in The Star, has banned access to the websites of such rip off companies in the town’s libraries.

Good on it. It’s not for our councils to be promoting the sort of lending which leaves people with insurmountable debt. Now how about a similar ban being implemented across the whole of South Yorkshire?