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Now, here’s some splashing news: Hathersage Outdoor Swimming Pool has been named the UK’s best open air lido by The Times newspaper.

The facility’s views over the Peaks and pleasant lawns saw it ranked above beach side and inner city pools from across the country.

Quite right too. It’s a real gem. Although with more than 100 people having to be turned away during some sessions over the last two weeks because of overcrowding, let’s just hope there’ll not be too many of them there southerners wanting to try it out.


LOVE stories don’t come much lovelier than that of Jo Mcfarlane and Gordon Henry, do they?

This is the couple on the front of The Star on Thursday. They got back together 20 years after splitting up when he heard she needed a kidney transplant and offered up his own.

Proof perhaps that if the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, the way to this woman’s love is through her (or his) kidney.


A QUESTION: what is with this current trend of police praising crowds for good behaviour? When did that become the fashion?

South Yokshire’s force has in the last week, congratulated both Glasgow Rangers fans and people attending Tramlines for not breaking the law.

Eh? Behaving well is the very least we should expect of people, is it not? Being part of a crowd is no excuse for being a moron.

Fair play to officers for wanting to highlight good behaviour. But shouldn’t they skip the praise and concentrate on cracking down on the odd idiots who still gives big groups a bad name?