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Interesting to see Nick Clegg visiting a pharmacy, as reported in The Star.

The Sheffield Hallam MP and Deputy Prime Minister swapped the corridors of power for making out prescriptions to show his support for apprenticeships.

He attended the Woodhouse Pharmacy Direct - and you have to wonder if he picked up some happy pills while he was there. One rather suspects he may need them come the next general election.


Meanwhile, online, debate continues about whether Sheffield deserves to be named one of Britain’s crappest towns.

A new book (proving people really will buy any old tosh) will list the 50 worst places to live in the UK as voted by visitors to some website or other. The Steel City made an initial shortlist of 100, as revealed in The Star. Now debate is raging online about whether we deserve such a lowly ranking,

Eschewing the usual forum arguments of what makes Sheffield good and bad, though, one wag simply notes: “thank God Milton Keynes is in the list.”


And finally today a Take Two congratulations to Ifra Latif.

This is the Tinsley Juniors pupil who, as revealed in this paper, hasn’t missed a day of school in four years. The 11-year-old was presented with a special certificate to mark her achievement.

Well done, youngster. Perhaps she could now share her secrets of sustained successful attendance with Sheffield City Council – where workers take an average nine days off ill every single year.