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* Happy Birthday, Norfolk Park!

The green space is 160 years old today after being donated to the city on July 4 1853 “for the gratuitous use of the inhabitants of the town by his Grace the Duke of Norfolk”.

Rules were a little stricter back then, though. A note was put on the gates stating idle and disorderly people were not welcome.

“These grounds are intended for the recreation of the orderly and well conducted only,” the sign said according to The Sheffield Chronicles by JP Bean. “It is hoped that those coming under this denomination will not only themselves refrain from cutting or injuring the trees and shrubs but, as far as they can, prevent others doing so.”

* And another anniversary? Why not?

Exactly 55 years ago this coming Sunday, the largest cabinet of sterling silver cutlery ever made in Sheffield was despatched to the palace of the Emperor of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie.

Precisely 10,000 ounces of silver went into the 3,287 pieces made by Cooper Brothers & Sons of Arundel Street and shipped out on July 7 1958. It included condiment sets, egg cups, cold meat forks and (everyone needs a pair) grape scissors. All together it weighed almost a tonne.

* So, council tax dodgers are being brought before Sheffield’s courts in a major crackdown, then?

Suspended sentences are being dished out to dozens of residents who owe four figure sums, as reported in this paper. Good.

No-one likes paying council tax and plenty of us wonder where it all goes (paying outrageously expensive consultants half the time, it seems) but it’s self-evidently unfair that some people shirk their responsibilities. They’re essentially pick-pocketing the rest of us. The book should be thrown at them.

Just one question, though: the reports said one woman had managed to avoid paying a single bill since 2008 – how on earth has she been allowed to get away with it for so long?