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If today’s main Diary piece proves anything, it’s surely that you’re never too old to start a new career. But it perhaps also proves that having a famous name can certainly make life easier. Apparently being called Gordon Ramsey is a real help when booking a restaurant table, the 82-year-old has discovered.


Incidentally, he stresses, he doesn’t swear as much as his namesake either. But Channel 4 once invited him to appear on TV alongside the fiery chef. As is probably wise whenever Channel 4 invite you to do something, he politely declined.


Sports reports, and there’s good news and bad news from the 10th Anglo-Galician Cup, played in Crookes this weekend. This, regular readers will be recall, is the bi-annual football match played between a group of Sheffield lads and the Spanish mates they made on a stag do in 2007. Twice a year, they meet up - here or over there in the northern city of Pontevedra - for a match in which honour, pride and the chance to drink real ale from a two pint trophy are all up for grabs. And on Sunday? The bad news was the Spanish lads, called the Brave Boars, beat our own Sheffield Stags. The good news? It was only 4-2, a somewhat less humiliating reversal than the 14-2 pounding last time out. “Ten goals better, I suppose” noted organiser David Thompson after the match. “Which shows some improvement at least.” It’s now 5-5 in the series. And the winners of the 11th match get to keep that two pint pot cup for good.


Probably the real winner from the whole weekend, though, was Sheffield’s night time economy. Them Spanish lads, they like to be refreshed.


A strange anniversary today is drawn to this column’s attention. Exactly 140 years ago, a mum-to-be died while watching a circus pass through Barnsley. Sarah Wright was so eager to see the hundreds of wild animals, she pushed to the front before falling under the wheel of one of the giant carriages. Proof perhaps that health and safety and men in hi-viz vests do have their uses.