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from russia...in English?

Scary times when Russian semi-automatic guns are being used on the streets of Sheffield. Police found one such deadly weapon after it was dumped during a chase. Which is certainly worrying. But did anyone else find the writing on the gun – shown on Friday’s front page – a little strange? ‘Made in Russia’ it said. In English.


And so, just days after this column revealed its love of Oreo cookies, the firm behind the biscuit opens a new £6 million production line making them right here in Sheffield. Far be it for us to take the credit, of course, but can that really be a coincidence? Er, yes... apparently so. Still, isn’t that sweet news anyway? The expansion at Owlerton’s Trebor Bassett factory will mean more jobs and future investment, this paper reported. “We know that Britain is a nation of biscuit lovers,” said president Maurizio Brusadelli. “It’s the biggest biscuit market in Europe.” Fabulous, although somewhat ironic perhaps that the opening took place on the same day news broke almost 15,000 people in South Yorkshire were admitted to hospital last year – due to obesity.


Plans for a new betting shop in Darnall have caused a storm of protest, this paper reports. Wonder what the odds of that were?


And from one dad joke to another... a colleague buys a jar of almost out-of-date anchovies on his lunch. “Smells a bit fishy,” he notes.


Remember The Charade nightclub? Once gone never forgotten, so they say. And it’s not always clear if that’s a compliment. But now the Rotherham venue – open 1968 and 1986 – is to quite literally, go down in history. Interview with 40 staff and revellers who frequented the club – based, unpromisingly, in a room above a shop on the Stag Roundabout – are to be stored in the town’s archives for future generations. The 25 hours of memories include recollections of the all-day parties, the mirrored walls and the fact staff never knowingly turning away an underage drinker. They were taken by one-time clubber Keith Brisland who researched the venue for a book which was released last year.