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There’s a joke that in Sheffield you’re never more than six feet from a picture of the Tinsley Cooling Towers. Images of the iconic (and now long gone) landmarks are seemingly everywhere from shops to bars, art galleries to the front of greetings cards. There’s even a website dedicated to them. And now they can be found as...earrings? Meersbrook artist and former Diary star Jonathan Wilkinson has produced the jewellery to toast the structures as we approach the fifth anniversary of their demolition. A single tower dangles from each ear. “I thought it worked well,” says the 34-year-old who has previously also produced a set of tea towels featuring Park Hill. “And there’s no lack of love for the landmarks.” Available to buy at www.welivehere.co.uk


There could also perhaps be a joke that, for this year at least, you’re never more than six feet from something or someone marking the centenary of stainless steel’s discovery. Galleries, museums, murals, books and even this newspaper are all celebrating the 1913 innovation by Spital Hill scientist Harry Brearley. And now...a noir crime comic book? Crookes artist and former Diary star Craig Daley has produced an illustrated gothic caper around the creation of the rustless metal - with a fictional tale interwoven around real events. “It sounds like an unusual idea,” admits the 50-year-old. “But I think it works.” Available to buy at Sheffield Space Centre in The Wicker.


Another week, another sign that Hammerson is taking the proverbial out of Sheffield. The property giant has given its latest update to the stock market - leaving out any mention of the stalled Sevenstone retail quarter. The report did, however, detail huge development schemes set to take place in Leeds, Croydon and Merthyr Tydfil, as reported in this paper. Could there be a clearer sign this firm has no respect for the city or its leaders? Sheffield Council chief executive John Mothersole insists he is still meeting with bosses on a weekly basis. Which must be embarrassing for him. Because, frankly, they’re metaphorically laughing in his face. If he can’t understand that after all this time, maybe he should rethink his strategy when talking to Hammerson.