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SHEFFIELD Theatres Summer School has started advertising for summer 2013, then?

“For ages 5 - 18+” it says on the leaflets.

Eh? 18+? Isn’t that just anyone older than five?


CLASSY of Sheffield City Labour Councillor Harry Harpham to tweet a picture of himself celebrating the death of Margaret Thatcher, as reported in this paper yesterday.

Fair play, the former miner probably has as much reason as anyone to despise the former PM and the policies she pursued. And fair play too, just because she’s now dead doesn’t mean Thatcher is above criticism, comment or vitriol.

But cheering and partying at the news an elderly woman - even a milk-snatching, poll-taxing destroyer of communities (if that’s how she be viewed) - has died seems sort of hollow, doesn’t it?

Shouldn’t our elected members be above dancing on the graves of their (also elected) political opponents?


NICE line from Ken Loach, though: “Privatise her funeral,” he reckons. “Put it out to competitive tender and accept the cheapest bid. It’s what she would have wanted.”


THE project to scar the Sheffield landscape with a monstrous Man Of Steel continues apace, it seems.

A mini statue of the model planned for the place where the Tinsley Towers once stood has gone on show at the Global Manufacturing Festival, being held in Catcliffe this month.

The 20 metre giant - made of stainless steel - would be bigger than the Angel Of The North. And horrifyingly, it already has planning permission and, apparently, much private funding in place.

The idea has its supporters, of course - including this paper. And you can’t argue with the thinking behind it - to give South Yorkshire a jaw-dropping landmark paying tribute to the area’s industrial past and looking to its creative future.

“The inspiration came from local people,” artist Steve Mehdi told The Star. “The project honours the past and embraces the future.”

Fair enough.

One just rather wishes it didn’t look like a mummy crouching over a toilet.