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BET young Kristofer O’Halleran is a feeling a bit dopey right now.

This is the Armthorpe lad who was locked up for supplying cannabis after receiving a text from a customer – while in police custody.

The 23-year-old had been arrested while in possession of 9.45 grams of the drug, as reported in The Star, but he denied it was for dealing. That is, until said customer sent him said message asking why he was late making the drop. Awkward.

Still, that’s proof crime doesn’t pay. And a reminder to us all perhaps the next time someone calls while you’re eating tea, things could definitely be more inconvenient.


AND talking of getting high, what about them Salvin lads?

One Sheffield family, three generations, five blokes: all steeplejacks. Pete Salvin, along with his trio of sons and a grandson, all shin up spires and towers for a living, as reported in this paper.

Phew. For them, the sky is definitely the limit.


SO, the Travel South Yorkshire website, then?

Apparently, the undisputed guide for checking up-to-the-minute public transport information in the region. ‘Trust us to get you there’, is the motto.

Except, that perhaps should be, when it snows. Then – the only time most people visit the damned site – it goes and crashes through over-use.

It’s happened three times this year alone, including over the weekend.

Sort it out.


TALKING of the snow, though, a great Tweet lands from Jason Harwin, district police commander for Rotherham.

“Policing continues even despite the weather,” he noted at the weekend.

Good to know, isn’t it?


AND sticking with law enforcement , it seems Shaun Wright, police and crime commissioner for South Yorkshire, has been criticising the very election which got him voted into the post.

His spokeswoman labelled the poll’s turnout in November “derisory”, while adding it had “no funding or support” from the Government.

He’s not, though, you won’t be surprised to hear, stepping down from the handsomely paid post in protest.