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TOILET talk: following a rant in this paper about a new unisex throne being installed in Brighton (it’s a long story) reader Mike Lawton gets in touch with a lav laugh.

He recalls an incident several years ago during a coach trip to Paris.

“We came upon a super-loo, a new public toilet,” he recalls. “As with the one in Brighton, it was unisex, but the drawback was you had to spend considerably more than a penny to use it.

“We formed a queue and things were going well until two ladies decided to use the old ploy of one using the loo then holding the door open for the next person, in order to save on paying.

“What they didn’t realise, was that each time the facility was used, when the person exited, and the door closed, the whole of the inside was sprayed with water and disinfectant.

“The first we knew of this was when the door was closed, and screaming was heard from inside. Our penny-pincher was caught up in the cleaning process, and the door wouldn’t open until finished. Furthermore, she couldn’t open the door from the inside, so the fee had to be paid to release her. She came out soaked and smelling of disinfectant.

“To add insult to injury, she hadn’t used the loo, and had to pay to go back in.”


APPARENTLY the name Clegg is disappearing, then.

Figures released last week (presumably by people with nothing better to do) showed the surname had dropped in prevalence by 34 per cent since 1901.

Fitting timing in a way. Because unless our Nick gets a grip on the sex harassment crisis currently engulfing the Lib Dems, it could soon be disappearing from politics too.


OTHER once common names said to be on the wane, incidentally, include Cohen, Ashworth, Crowther and Chips. So that’s Goodbye, Mr Chips, then.


THE world’s fastest coffee-powered car is coming to Sheffield today, then? Shoppers will be able to view the bean machine, as reported in this paper, when it goes on show outside the Ecclesall Road Co-operative at 2.45pm.

With an introduction like that, let’s just hope it’s not latte.