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JUST a thought but among all those people mourning and bemoaning the potential closure of HMV – including the possible shutting of two Sheffield stores – does anyone else wonder how many of them actually shopped at the store any more.

Clearly not enough.

Otherwise it wouldn’t have had to call the administrators in in the first place.


AND another thought: this one on the back of Nick Clegg urging Sheffield City Council to rethink the closure of Don Valley Stadium.

The plan at present is to refurbish and reopen Woodbourn Road Stadium as a replacement for the Attercliffe venue, which is now considered too expensive to run. But what we’ve not been told is exactly how much it will cost to bring the shut facility up to the standard needed of such public places in 2013?

Because, in this day and age, there’s no way that’s going to be a quick, cheap job.

Could one hand be set to spend what was supposed to be saved by the other?


GREAT to see actor Stephen Tompkinson coming out in support of under-threat Grimethorpe Colliery Band.

The star – who played a trombonist in Brassed Off, the fictional story of the group – has called for this unique institution to receive Royal patronage, as revealed in The Star.

Great idea.

Anyone who’s seen the band will know they are an incredible set of musicians keeping alive an incredible tradition. To allow them to fold would be a tragedy, not just for Grimethorpe but for Britain as a whole. This, remember, is a group who still pull crowds everywhere from Australia to America.

“They never fail to put a smile on people’s face,” said Stephen.

And he’s right. Now the powers that be should put one on their face.


AND finally good luck to Hallam Cheer.

This is the university squad, featured in The Diary last month, who are flying out to Florida today for the World University Cheerleading Championships. They’re the only UK team in the contest which will see Lycra-clad lasses from across the globe compete for the title.

Cheers hoping they do us proud.